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Infinity® USB Unlimited
Infinity® USB Unlimited
Download the latest software for the Infinity USB Unlimited programmer here!

Click the link below to download, run the setup and follow the instructions in the installer.:
Infinity USB Unlimited v2.81 complete install

The software supports most of the AVR (Fun), Microchip (PIC) and OS (Phoenix) based cards currently on the market.

The current software version has been very thoroughly tested, but with all new products bugs may slip through the testing procedures. If you find anything, please mail us at support@wbe.dk or use the forum at http://www.infinityusb.com/forum.

With the flash upgradeable firmware of the Infinity USB Unlimited, we have a very solid platform for adding new features to the product, so if you have an idea for a feature or improvement of the current software, don't hesitate writing us by mail, or at the forum.

Other major features are:
  • SDK - Software Development Kit. We want to give 3rd party programmers the best possibilities for writing software for the Infinity USB Unlimited.
    We'll provide a DLL-based SDK with complete documentation, and a developers forum for those interested.
    With the SDK, current smartcard software can be easily modified by the developer, to communicate directly with the Infinity USB Unlimited, adding more functionality than with just the regular native Infinity USB software.

  • VCP - Virtual COM Port. In addition to the 3rd party software support provided with the SDK, we will be working on a VCP solution for the Infinity USB Unlimited.
    The VCP makes it possible to use alot of the existing 3rd party software, that currently requires a Phoenix/Smartmouse compatible programmer thru a (serial) COMport.

  • Multiprogrammer setup - Connect 2 or more Infinity USB Unlimited to your PC, and you'll be able to write as many cards as you have programmers connected, at the same time. It will just take the time of 1 card, even if you have 10 programmers connected, writing 10 cards at the same time.
    The Infinity USB Unlimited software will be enhanced so up to 127 Infinity USB Unlimited (only limited by the number of available USB ports) can be controlled by the same software. For users needing to write a high amount of cards this is an ideal solution.
    Additional programmers are automatically detected and you'll be able to name each programmer to keep track of which is which.

  • Infinity PasswordSafe - Use your Infinity USB Unlimited to manage and store your passwords on a smartcard.
    Up to more than 1000 passwords can be stored on a single smartcard, and passwords are easily accessed with a custom shortcut key. Passwords are encrypted using 128bit Blowfish. Click here for further info.

  • SIM editor - Additional software for editing SIM/GSM cards thru the SIM or smartcard slot on the Infinity USB Unlimited.
    Backing up, copying or editing the addressbook and SMS messages on your SIM card will be fast and easy using this utility.

Thank you for supporting our products!

We hope you will be satisfied with your Infinity USB Unlimited!
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