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How to - Use the multiprogrammer mode
The Infinity USB Unlimited software (v2.60 and up), supports an advanced multiprogramming mode, making it possible to use 2 or more Infinity USB Unlimited programmers on the same PC with the same software. The multiprogramming mode can be used to write a large number of cards in the same time it would take to program one single card. Writing for instance 100 cards with 5 programmers attached would be 5 times faster than programming the 100 cards with only 1 programmer.
The number of programmers on the same PC is limited only by the USB standard (maximum 127 devices).

(Please note that the multiprogramming feature does not work under Windows 98 because of the limited USB support in Windows 98. It has been verified to work perfectly with Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows ME.)

Setting up multiprogramming mode
When opening the Infinity USB Unlimited software with 2 or more programmers connected, a "Multiple Infinity USB Unlimited found" dialog will be displayed.

You can choose to use the software in normal mode with 1 programmer ("Use single Infinity USB Unlimited"), or in multiprogrammer mode with 2 or more ("Use multiple Infinity USB Unlimited").

In the normal mode, the LED on all programmers will be turned off, except for the actual programmer chosen in the list of programmers, which will flash white.
All programmers will be listed as "[Noname]", and to distinguish between the different programmers, it's advisable to rename them by pressing the [Rename] button. The name can be up to 16 characters, and will be stored in the onboard EEPROM memory in the Infinity USB Unlimited hardware.
Press [Ok] to enter the main window, and everything will work as if only one programmer is connected.

In multiprogrammer mode the LED on all programmers is turned off until you select which programmers you wish to use in the list of programmers in the right side of the window.
Use the <Ctrl> and/or <Shift> keys on the keyboard while marking programmers in the list with the mouse, to select more than one programmer. The LED on all selected programmers will light up green.
Next, choose which programmer should work as the "Primary" programmer. The selected primary programmer will flash white.
Press [Ok] to enter the main window.

Using the software in multiprogramming mode
In multiprogramming mode, the buttons [Write], [Erase] and the "Tools | Auto program card" access all programmers/cards.
"Tools | Clone wizard" reads from the primary programmer, and writes to all programmers (including the master).
All other functions accesses only the primary programmer, while the Virtual COMport mode is inaccessible in multiprogramming mode.

Example #1: You have 5 programmers connected, and have chosen the 5 programmers in the multiprogrammer setup dialog. You wish to program 100 goldcards with the same file(s), so you load the file(s) as usual, insert a card in each programmer and press [Write]. The staus dialog will open, and if any error occurs, a popup will be displayed and the programmer with the misprogrammed card will flash red.
Using the "Tools | Auto program card" makes it possible to further minimize the complete programming time, since finished cards can be changed while other cards are still programming.

Example #2: You wish to copy an unprotected funcard to 20 other cards. You insert the master card into the primary Infinity USB Unlimited. Press [Read] and all data from the card will be read into the buffers. Remove the card, insert a blank funcard in each of the 5 programmers and press [Write]. On succesfull write, insert 5 new cards and repeat the procedure until all cards are written.
The "Tools | Clone wizard" can also be used to copy card, just make sure to insert the last target card in the primary programmer, since this will initiate the programming cycle for all programmers.

Advanced use
For very advanced use, the software can be opened more than once. In the first opened software for instance 2 out of 5 programmers can be selected, and in the second opened software the other 3 programmers can be opened. The first opened software will then access the 2 programmers, while the second will access the other 3.
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