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History for Funprogrammer USB
1.52 Build 1505 - Friday, February 17, 2006
Under very rare conditions, the software would terminate when loading a (hex) file to be programmed. The error only exists if Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0 is installed on Windows XP SP2, and is caused by a component in Acrobat reader.
1.51 Build 1500 - Wednesday, November 9, 2005
[New features]
Built in loaders for Fun based DragonLoaderCard
Commandline parameters enhanced with -read and -restore command
Languages updated
Optimized automatic card selection based on detected CPU
64bit driversupport for Windows XP64

Fuses no longer resets when inserting a new card
1.48 Build 1444 - Wednesday, August 25, 2004
[New features]
Option for auto erasing external eeprom before writing.
Autoprogram card on insert option.
Verify card against loaded files (normal programming verification is done during programming, so this option is only for comparing for instance 2 cards)
Searches the WB Electronics websites for updates on startup (can be disabled in the software).
Commandline-parameters for using the programmer in batch or scripting files (see cmdparam.bat in the diskimage for details).
Support for PrussianCard5/Funcard7 (AT90S8515 + 2*24C1024)
Support for FunCard Atmega8515/Funkey2 (Atmega 8515 + 24C256)
Card-aliases made more visible to eliminate card-naming confusion (for instance PrussianCard 5 and Funcard7 is the same card).
Greek and Portuguese language added.
All languages fully translated.
Direct support for Funbased Dragonloader card (automatic spanning of .dra files).

CustomCard is now fully working with Atmega128 based cards without external Eeprom
A bug making it impossible to write the external EEPROM on some Prussiancard3 / Funcard 5 was fixed.
Fixed Avast antivirus crash on Windows 98.
Fixed minor bug when using custom card.
Fixed pressing cancel during verify didn't close window.
1.35 Build 1316 - Thursday, September 11, 2003
[New features]
Clone card wizard, for very easy copying/cloning of all supported cards
Aliases for cards with more than one name (for instance Funcard3/PrussianCard) is added on the main window.
1.30 Build 1285 - Friday, July 25, 2003
(First public release)
Did you know?
You can use the Infinity USB Smart as an extra cardreader for your DreamBox, and other Linux-based Set-top Boxes.

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